The 3 Rules Every ERP Software Customer Should Know

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No matter what part you are manufacturing, it takes
guts, grit, dedication, and passion to be successful.

The job of any ERP software provider is to help every customer simplify their manufacturing™. Global Shop Solutions has been doing just that – simplifying
your manufacturing - for thousands of manufacturers in nearly 25 countries and 20 industries for over 40 years. In fact, we have more successful customers than anyone else in the field (nearly 150 case studies and 150 customer testimonials).

Why? The answer is actually pretty simple. A large number of our new customers join the Global Shop Solutions family with experiences from one of the “other guys”; and after implementation typically let us know the biggest difference is they use and are successful with the entire system – from quote to cash. Every department within their manufacturing business has been impacted by the ERP system, not just one. And that adds up to one beautiful thing – return on your ERP investment (and psst, more profits).

How do we get manufacturers to become successful
with the entire ERP system? With 3 simple rules.

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