Data for Balanced Scorecard: Driving Profits in Mining, Metals and Materials Industries

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Data for Balanced Scorecard: Driving Profits in Mining, Metals and Materials Industries

The mining, metals and materials industry has always had to rapidly adjust to wild market fluctuations, social pressures, labour shortages and other forces beyond control. At the same time, it has had to provide the basic materials and much of the energy for the global manufacturing ecosystem. LNS research survey data show that the top financial challenges are growing revenue and protecting margins, while the top operational  challenges are manufacturing efficiency and regulatory and industry compliance.

Download the full research spotlight, written by LNS, and discover:
•Key trends in mining, metals and materials - and how this industry compares to other sectors;
•The strategy needed for each component of the balanced scorecard approach
•How companies are gaining value from this approach, including up to 40% downtime reduction, 3% in energy savings, up to 50% in productivity improvement and much more.

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